Himalchuli Height – How Tall?

Himalchuli height is 7893 m (25895.67 ft).

Meters: 7893 m
Feet: 25895.67 ft
Inches: 310748 in
Kilometers: 7.893 km
Miles: 4.904483 mi

About Himalchuli

Himalchuli is the eighteenth (18th) the highest mountain in the world and is located at Lamjung, Gorkha-Gandaki Zone, Nepal. It listed as an Ultra-prominent-peak. In fact, its precise coordinates are 28°26′03″N 84°38′15″E.

Its parent mountain is ​Manaslu (eight highest mountain on earth).​​​ Also, the first attempt to the summit was made on May 24, 1960 by Japanese, Hisashi Tanabe and  Masahiro Harada.