Hasbulla Magomedov Height – How Tall?

Hasbulla Magomedov height is 102 cm (3 ft 4.2 in).

Feet: 3.35 ft

Feet + Inches: 3 ft 4.16 in

Inches: 40.16 in

Meters: 1.02 m

Centimeters: 102 cm

Hasbulla is a diminitive social media personality, who became famous after recreating the Khabib Nomegov pre fight antics, for which he is now referred to as Mini Khabib.

Hasbulla is not related to Khabib Nurmagomedov, despite the fact that they have similar surnames. But Khabib’s surname is Nurmagomedov, whereas Hasbull surname is Magomedov.

Age & Family

Hasbula was born on July 5, 2003, and is currently 18 years old.

He was born to Gene Armour (father), and Александра Владимировна (mother), in Makhachkala, the largest city, of the republic of Dagestan, Russia.


Hasbulla Magomedov, has a net worth of about $500,000, which he amassed from his sudden shot to fame and the sponsors vying for his signature.

If his fight with Abdul Rozrik, pulls through, his net worth might increase to $1 – 2 million dollars, from ppv ticket sales, after tax.

This is not bad, given that Magomedov himself, was not know, some few years back.


Hasbulla suffers from a form of Dwarfism, cause by growth hormone deficiency, and ultimately resulted in his body not to developing, properly.

His case of Dwarfism, could have been treated in the hospital, but due to the expensive cost of treatment, and the lack of money from his parents, they weren’t able to afford his treatment.

Social Media Handles

Hasbulla popularity is increasing by the day, and it is assumed that he is gaining at least 1000 followers daily.

His social media handles are given below.


Hasbulla Instagram account has over 2.6 million followers. His username is @hasbulla.magomedov.

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He posts picture and short video updates of himself, in different poses and situations. But he doesn’t focus on his instagram as musch, as he does on Tiktok, since his instagram account, has only 40 posts.

Most of his pictures on instagram, depicts him, standing or sitting in cars, with various poses.

You can also, see some of his pet cat video on his instagram handle, to make women go aww.


Also, Hasbulla has a TikTok handle, where he has over 43.4 k followers, with over 350 k likes.



Hasbulla loves goofing around, afterall he is a human like all of us. His loves hanging around his famous pals, like Logan Paul, Khabib Magomedov, etc.

Hasbulla also loves cats, and keeps some cats as pets.

Also, he loves taking roller coaster rides, although, since he is so little, special contrapments have to be created specifically for him. Since he is famous, he probably gets a pass.

Hasbulla NurMagomedov vs Abdul Rozrik

Hasbulla Nurmangomedov, has a similar sized rival, in Abdul Rozrik, whose alteration, became famous, as the recreation of Khabib NurMagomedov fight press conference.

The two of them plan to clash in the ring, for an exhibition bout, to raise money for themselves, and awareness for dwarfs around the world.

No date has been announced yet, but it has been reported that the fight is still in works, and when all is said and done, it might happen.