Gyachung Kang Height – How Tall?

Gyachung Kang height is 7952 m (26089.24 ft).

Meters: 7952 m
Feet: 26089.24 ft
Inches: 313070.9 in
Kilometers: 7.952 km
Miles: 4.941144 mi

About Gyachung Kang

Gyachung Kang is the 16th highest mountain in the world – whose parent mountain is Cho Oyu (the sixth tallest mountain on earth). Also, it is part of the Mahalangur Himalaya mountain range and its coordinates are 28°05′53″N 86°44′42″E.

The summit of Gyachung Kang was first reached by a Japanese team in 1964. It is officially the highest non-eight-thousander.