Deontay Wilder Height – How Tall?

Deontay Wilder height is 200 cm (6 ft 6.74 in).

Feet: 6.56 ft
Feet + Inches: 6 ft 6.74 in
Inches: 78.74 in
Meters: 2.00 m

Centimeters: 200 cm

About Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder (bronze bomber), was the former WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

A technicality unsound fighter, he was gifted with one of the hardest-hitting right hand in the history of the heavyweight, knocking out many champions like child’s play.

On 22nd February 2020, Deontay Wilder lost his WBC belt to Tyson Fury in a humiliating fashion, with a ruptured lower and upper lips and ear.