Augrabies Falls Height – How Tall?

Augrabies Falls height is 56 m (183.727 ft).

Meters: 56 m
Feet: 183.727 ft
Inches:  2204.724 in
Kilometers: 0.056 km
Miles: 0.03479679 mi

About Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls is a waterfall formed by the Orange River with a height of 56 m. Also, the Waterfall is very loud and was called (Khoikhoi) as “Ankoerebis” — “place of great noise” by the original locals. Furthermore, the waterfall is located in Northern Cape, South Africa. The precise coordinates being 28°35′29″S 20°20′27″E.

The Augrabies Waterfall has two widths. In the dry season, the waterfall is thinner, but in flood, the water is almost three times wider. The average width of the waterfall is 24 meters (80 ft).

Other Facts

Firstly, the Falls recorded a water flow rate of 7,800 cubic meters (280,000 cu ft) in the 1988 floods. Secondly, the flowrate of the waterfalls is four times higher than the Niagara falls. Thirdly, the waterfalls are mostly made up of granite. Fourthly, the gorge formed by the movement of the Augrabies waterfall is 240 meters (800 ft) deep and 18 kilometers (10 mi) long. Fifthly, the waterfall is a cascading waterfall. Sixthly, the Trek Boers are the locals living around the waterfall. Finally, the base of the Canyon to the top of the walls is approximately 480 feet, this should not be confused with the actual height of the waterfall, which is just 183.727 feet.

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Image Credits: Lettkow – Lettkow.