Annapurna II Height – How Tall?

Annapurna II height is 7937 m (26040.03 ft).

Meters: 7937 m
Feet: 26040.03 ft
Inches: 312480.3 in
Kilometers: 7.937 km
Miles: 4.931823 mi

About Annapurna II

Annapurna II (located in Nepal) is the 16th highest mountain in the world. Its parent mountain – Annapurna I – is the (10th Highest Mountain on Earth). The summit was first reached on May 17, 1960, by the British/Indian/Nepalese team. The summit was reached again in 1969, by a Slovenian mountaineer: Yugoslavs.

Image Credits: निर्मल अधिकारी.